About me

Hi! I'm Felipe Garrido

Since I was a child, my passion has been drawing and animation. That led me to be a Graphic Designer and develop mainly in the world of Advertising.
Thanks to a mixture of curiosity and work, I have learned the infinity of possibilities that movement can bring in the Audiovisual area. This conviction led me to enter the magical world of 3D Character Animation, always with the aim of sharing positive messages, good values and deep ideas to inspire the young and old.
The path traveled has given me great satisfaction, joining wonderful teams, and being part of ever-growing projects, proposing to achieve new goals every day with which to grow on a personal and professional level.
I invite you to see my website!

My work

This is what I love to do...

3D Character Animation

I love to connect with each character and give life to them through acting and animation to share deep emotions with people.

Graphic Design

I can communicate the personality of a brand through the harmony of shapes and colors, based on a deep research process.

Video Edition

I can share different emotions through the mix of videos, music, sounds, forms and texts, perfectly synchronized.


Imagination has no limits and when you can capture this on a page, you can make your dreams come true.